Free EPPP Sample Package
Free EPPP Sample Package
PSYCHPREP's EPPP Sample Package includes:
    1. EPPP Strategies Seminar videos, handout (pdf) and PowerPoint (pdf), and sample questions from PSYCHPREP’s Strategies Seminar. This program will provide you with information and tools to improve EPPP outcome!
    2. Theories and Principles of Learning and Behavior handout (pdf) and audio files (mp3s), and Learning Theory Chapter Quiz Questions
Content/audio can be downloaded at any time while your online access is valid. Online access is good for 1 month from date of first access of any of the online content/questions.

To register or purchase a product: Please include the full name (first name and last name) and email address of the person who will be using the program (not the person making the purchase, if different). You will be able to enter payment information separately during checkout. All purchases are charged in US dollars.

Subscription will begin from date of first access of any of the online content/tests. 

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